Grooming at our facility is different than other shops, because every groomer in our shop is a Master Groomer.  All pets getting groomed will receive a full bath and conditioning treatment, and full groom.  We do not have add-ons for medicated baths or flea, if your pet needs it your pet gets it.  All included in the price of the groom. Our shop is a single room design, so we can be with the pets the whole way through the grooming process.

We provide a la’ carte service for your needs as well. We also carry a wide range of shampoos and conditioners, chosen specifically for your dog’s skin and coat needs.  At no extra cost. All Grooming includes Bows or bandana and cologne.

We offer a unique kind of pet sitting.  Instead of your dog staying in a run that resembles a large cage, they come to our homes and become a part of our family.  What we are seeing is less stress related illness and a more comfortable pet for their stay.  If staying in our home isn’t what your pet needs we can also do scheduled visits or in-home stays.  Please call for scheduling as soon as you can, due to the limited amount of space per home we will fill up before all holidays.

Provisions Needed: Proof of rabies vaccine, Food for the stay, Leash & Collar


  • Full Bath
  • Conditioner
  • Nails Trimmed & Filed
  • Ear Cleaning & Sanitized
  • Sanitary Clip & Paws Pads Trimmed
  • Face & Head Trim


  • Air Conditioned
  • In Home Care
  • Toys For Dogs
  • Fluffy Beds
  • Walks In The Park
  • Furry Friends ( if allowed )
Wags To Riches Master Certified Florida Dog Grooming

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